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Feeling tired after walking the City Walls and now you need a relaxing massage near the Old Town? Maybe you spent the whole day at the beach but still want to treat yourself with the best full body massage in Dubrovnik? Be it a deep tissue massage after a workout or a simple self indulgent session, we believe you deserve it and our team is here to make you feel like a Pearl  in the Adriatic. 


60min | €100.00

Deep tissue massage

Through slow strokes and deep finger pressure we'll massage deep layers of muscle and fascia to release that built up tension in the body. After all... you're on holiday!


60min | €110.00

Hot Oil Massage

Perfectly warm but not too hot - the oil helps muscles relax, softens the skin, lubricates the joints and nourishes the nervous system.


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Uz Posat 9, 2000 Dubrovnik , Croatia 

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