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Gong Bath
with Fractal Gong

Saturday 12th August 2023

Dubrovnik, Croatia

A long and regenerating relaxation with the magical sounds of

the Gong and other instruments.

What to expect

What is a Gong Bath? 

It is a sound meditation with several gongs and other magical instruments. The gong bath is an experience of relaxation and listening, where participants are guided on a journey into their inner self through the sound of 5 gongs, crystal bowls, Native American flutes, overtone singing and other instruments. The vibrations will allow you to reach a deep state of trance, out of the time, where all cells are gently massaged by the sound while the mind is free to give new light to memories and emotions.


Who can join?
It is a sensory audio experience that is hard to describe in words. This workshop is for anyone who wants to give their body and nervous system deep rest and nourishment. Sound baths create an amazing opportunity to slow down and appreciate your body’s wisdom and ability to heal, and opens the door to deep meditative states by shutting off your body’s fight or flight reflex.
You will be taken on an incredible journey around the cosmos, without leaving the room.


DATE:  Saturday 12th August 2023

TIME:  19h00 - 21h00 

VALUE:   €30.00 


Alex Fractal Gong

Swiss - Venezuelan Sound healer, with extensive experience, both in Europe and Latin America. Alex is an expert in gong, overtone singing, tibetan bowls and native flutes. Founder of Fractal Gong since 2016.​

Formed with the Gong Master training together with Masters Don Conreaux, Gongmuse Surana and Angelo Surinder, Mehtab Benton.

Based in Switzerland, he has worked all over Europe in prestigious theaters, festivals and spiritual retreats. Alex also facilitates gong workshops and overtone singing.

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Tips for travellers

How to reach Dubrovnik: 

Travellers usually come by airplane, bus or car.

If you are coming by car please reach out to us for instructions on parking. 


Things we can help you with:

- Accommodation recommendations

- Airport transportation

- Organising day trips / tours

For international travellers: Dubrovnik, Croatia is part of the European Union.

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