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4 day Retreat in the Forest

Wednesday 3rd to Sunday 7th April 2024

Rastoke, Croatia

Detach from your usual routine and soak in the goodness of spending Spring in the Forest.



Spring is far more than just a change of season.  It is a time to embrace the natural changes of life, taking the time to reflect, plan & grow. Following the routines of daily life it's easy to get stuck and lack the vision for new possibilities.  With a change of physical location and daily routine we can begin to open our perspective to clearer views.

Days will start with an early morning Ashtanga Yoga practice, tapping into the inner states of the body & mind. In the afternoon workshops we will dive into the theory and explore our capacity to change by looking within and not without. It goes without saying that our days will end with a 'good tired', as you being to feel internal shifts.

Use this opportunity as your launchpad to set an idea or a desire into motion. Take the time to obtain new insight, understand the terrain and move with intention to find joy and simplicity that will bring you alive and on purpose.


This is a 4 day Ashtanga Yoga Retreat. We will spend 4 days connecting to our breath and movement, using the body as a tool to access the mind.

This retreat offers foundational work for beginner students and provides guidance to build confidence in the early stages of practice.

The retreat also offers progressive techniques for more experienced students and is suitable for those practicing up to Full Primary series 

(we will not be going into elements of the Second series). Below is a general schedule of daily activities. There will be plenty of time in-between to relax & explore the surrounding wonders of nature.  

Wednesday 03.04.2024

15:00 or later : Check In 

18:00 - Welcome

19:00 - Dinner

Thursday 04.04.2024

07:30 - 09:00 : Led class

10:00 : Breakfast 

16:00 - 18:00 : Workshop 1 | Ashtanga Yoga

Exploring the internal journey of Ashtanga Yoga; taking a closer look at how we can apply components from the practice 'off the mat'.   

19:00 : Dinner

Friday 05.04.2024

07:30 - 09:00 : Morning Mysore guided self- practice

10:00 : Breakfast 

16:00 - 18:00 :  Workshop 2 | Primary Series 

Yoga Chikitsa - what makes this series therapeutic and how to navigate through fear, injury & weak points.  

19:00 : Dinner

Saturday 06.04.2024

07:30 - 09:00 : Morning Mysore guided self- practice

10:00 - Breakfast

16:00 - 18:00 :  Workshop 3 | Discipline 

Exploring the rules of discipline & the many long term benefits of this practice. 

19:00 - Dinner

Sunday 07.04.2024

07:30 - 09:00 : Morning Mysore guided self- practice

10:00 : Breakfast

12:00 - Check out

Please note: starting times are subject to small changes that will be communicated well in advance.


Sleep in the Forest


Welcome to Tree Elements

4 eco-friendly tree houses built with respect, love & gratitude for Mother Nature. Intelligent luxury with efficient energy use and a social commitment to harmony with the natural surroundings.   


Each tree-house includes a kitchenette, bathroom & a spacious terrace secluded amongst the trees.  


Private room

We have 2 rooms available for private use. They are great for solo travellers, friends or couples who prefer more privacy. 

Beds: 1 queen sized bed + 1 sofa 

Bathroom: private ensuite 

Occupancy: max 3


Shared Treehouse 

Booking a shared tree house means you would share a tree house, but have your own bed to sleep in. You can choose who to share your tree house with or we can pair you with a house mate. 

Beds: 1 queen sized bed + 1 extra bed

Bathroom: shared 

Occupancy: max 3  


Shared Bed

Booking a shared bed means you will share a tree house & a bed. A suitable option for couples or friends who don't mind sharing a bed. You can choose who you share with or we can pair you with a house mate. 

Beds: 1 queen sized + 1 extra bed

Bathroom: shared

Occupancy: max 4

Sara Matić

Sara started her practice in 2016, and has since been a dedicated Yoga practitioner.

For 3 years Sara studied under the guidance of Donovan Hicks, learning the It's Rocket Yoga method; unwaveringly following the system for the next 7 years.

Throughout 2023, Sara delved deeply into the Ashtanga Yoga practice under the guidance of teachers such as Laruga Glaser and Gabriele Severini. 

Sara's teachers, the Ashtanga lineage and her self-practice are without a doubt the pillars of guidance in all of her teachings. 

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Prices & Packages

Private room

Private room with an ensuite bathroom.


per person

Shared Treehouse

Shared treehouse and shared bathroom, single use of a bed.


per person

Shared bed

Shared treehouse, shared bathroom and shared bed.


per person


All prices include:

1. Accommodation, bed linen, bathroom towels

2. Breakfast & dinner - local domestic produce 

3. The full 4 day Yoga schedule. 


1. Travel costs to and from the property.  

2. Yoga mats are not included but can be arranged if you let us know in advance. 


1. Sign up via email:

2. Early Bird prices are available until March 1st 2024. 

3. 50% non-refundable downpayment is required to book your spot. 

4. Remaining payment is due by the March 15th 2024

Travelling tips

Spring in the forest means crisp mornings & evenings, blossoming trees & fresh air all day long.

Temperatures can vary from 10C to 20C and weather can vary from sunny to rainy.

We recommend bringing light & warm clothing, at least one pair of sneakers or comfortable shoes for longer walks and a swim suite for those who would like to enjoy a Wim Hof style dip in the river!



The closest airport is in Zagreb, Croatia. From there it is about a 1 and a half hour drive to Tree Elements (Rastoke,). 

Travellers usually rent a car. Roads are safe and the drive is spectacular.   



- We can put you in touch with other travellers willing to share a rent a car. 

- Organising a trip to Plitvice Lakes. 

For international travellers: Croatia is part of the European Union. Croatia's currency is Euro.

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