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21 day challenge

Monday 8th to Sunday 28th January 2024

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Our 4th year running and one of our favourite traditions!

Practice 6 days a week and begin exploring the realms of real discipline.

Daily rituals. Long term consistency. 

We all know that all-too-familiar feeling of the initial resistance to starting a new practice, or even worse - coming back to one you have neglected for way too long. Assume total responsibility for yourself, approach this challenge with curiosity instead of fear, and watch your habits start to shift. 


There are many types of strength you will aquire from the practice and it certainly does not stop at the physical. We’ll start off light and build our way up through each week, using the body as a tool to access the mind. We already know there will be many distractions but - talking does not heal; taking action does!


Wake up before the sunrise, while the world is still asleep, and fully immerse yourself into the many beautiful attributes of following daily rituals over long term consistency. 

Why is it so hard?

Because all true awakenings are. 

“A regular practice is radical. It is not a habit that you get comfortable with, that you don't even notice you do. The simplest practice if you commit to it regularly challenges you, cuts through. Even if you choose something of deep pleasure when you give it structure it changes the game." 

~ Natalie Goldberg   


Practice will be 6 days a week for 3 consecutive weeks. We start the week on Mondays and practice every day to Saturday. Sundays are rest days. 


Monday 8th January 2024


Sunday 28th January 2024


Monday to Friday :               06:30AM

Saturdays:                                 07:00AM

End time will vary but on week days we will be done by 08:00 or earlier. Saturdays we will be done by 08:30 or earlier. 

Sundays:                                    REST DAYS 

Things to note

- Practice includes Rocket & Ashtanga Yoga. 

- Beginners are welcome but please consider the module requires physical AND mental strength as it challenges you to practice 6 days a week. 

Keep your feet on the ground

- Take the time to become good at something. 

- Learn how to calmn your fear-driven voices and grow your self-confidence. 

- Treat your nervous system, body, spirit & mind to the detox they've been dreaming of. 

- Feel amazing every single day.

Please note: daily practice duration can be modified for those who need to go to work earlier. Contact us for any uncertainties. 

Sara Matic

Sara started her practice in 2016, and has since been a dedicated Yoga practitioner.

For 3 years Sara studied under the guidance of Donovan Hicks, learning the It's Rocket Yoga method; unwaveringly following the system for the next 7 years.

Throughout 2023, Sara delved deeply into the Ashtanga Yoga practice under the guidance of teachers such as Laruga Glaser and Gabriele Severini. 

Sara's teachers, the Ashtanga lineage and her self-practice are without a doubt the pillars of guidance in all of her teachings. 

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Price: 85.00EUR


1. Sign up via email:

2. Full payment to reserve your spot.  

3. Payment is nonrefundable. 

Previous challenges filled up quickly so make sure to book on time!


The Sweet Escape

January in Dubrovnik is quieter, slower and more intimate than anywhere else in the entire world. The usual hum of tourism fades away and most places close for the month - the distractions are limited.

Against the backdrop of the sea, the nature and the weather, Dubrovnik becomes a heaven for introspection. 

Spend 3 uninterrupted weeks immersing yourself into an early morning practice. 

Contact us for help with travel, accommodation or any questions about spending January in Dubrovnik. 

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